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We created Quickscreen, our COVID-19 screening tool, out of public necessity in accordance with CDC and WHO guidelines to help the public complete a safe, comprehensive, at-home self assessment of COVID-19. Our goal is to help decrease potential exposure to healthcare workers, avoid ER overcrowding, and allow a safe return to work for employees.

why quickscreen?

  • Developed in partnership with Microsoft COVID-19 Response team
  • On Microsoft Azure's HIPAA compliant highest tier un-throttled service only available to the select companies
  • Screening platform used over 250,000 times to make critical healthcare decisions
  • Hospitals trust us with their patient's medical record data and lives - you can trust us with your employees
  • Currently used by hundreds of employees to self-certify their health prior to going to work or at work.

What our Users are Saying:

"Your work on the COVID-19 web screening tool was nothing less than heroic...... shows remarkable dedication to patient care. Patients receive the best care when physicians work together using the most up to date technologies to help their patients. Your ability to bring together your medical knowledge and passion for patient care with modern technology is making a huge impact on our COVID-19 response. Working with you to get this done well and quickly will no doubt save patient lives and help our resource management. I look forward to working with you on future projects." - Dr. Roddy S. Lochala, D.O. , Chief Medical Officer, Unity Health 

"Thank you to our local HealthTech company Luminare that partnered with Harris County to launch the online screening platform for our regional testing site." - Harris County Public Health


Legal disclaimer: This tool is provided for your convenience and is updated to the best of our abilities to match the guidelines for COVID-19 screening. This is not intended to contradict or replace a licensed independent practitioner’s medical advice.

What our users are saying