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Automate Qualification & Scheduling of Vaccinations
Innoculate - COVID-19 Vaccine Management Solution

Looking for a comprehensive COVID vaccine management solution that is HIPAA compliant? 

Innoculate (named for Innovation + Inoculation) is designed for public health departments, large enterprise or educational systems, hospitals, pharmacies, or any organization tasked with administering the vaccine as an end-to-end solution to manage vaccinations. Whether your organization is tasked with a standard inoculation or you’re organizing a drive-through mass vaccination event, Innoculate can meet your needs. We offer a turnkey solution through our partners as well and also provide support to underserved communities. 

By deploying Innoculate, a vaccine administrator can maximize the throughput of patients based on availability and other criteria, track vaccines at a granular level, and report on efficacy data. Innoculate is currently being used by various cities and counties to help with vaccine distribution at various sites and drive-through vaccination clinics. Innoculate also works with flu vaccination. Need help with your vaccine management and distribution? 

Innoculate by Luminare


Enable automated registration, qualification, and scheduling of vaccinations


Document & track all vaccine batch, lot information, and inoculations


Certify proof of vaccination


APIs for integrating with drug manufacturers, pharmacies and health department systems, and business intelligence tools

Hospital Grade Data Security | Data Insights and Reporting | Administrative Dashboard
Automated Booster reminders | HL7 Integration

Hospital Grade Data Security

Data Insights and Reporting

Administrative Dashboard

Automated Booster reminders

HL7 Integration

Eliminate all manual processes and recordkeeping surrounding the vaccination process

Send reminders for vaccination and follow-up doses

Avoid out-of-stock situations and needless patient frustration

Analyze vaccine efficacy data cross-referencing population that has received vaccine to positive tests

Automate prequalification process and obtain consent forms

Automatically push records to state immunization registry with vaccine tracking database integration

Maximize throughput with integrated scheduling system

Expense is eligible for FEMA reimbursement

Flexible system to meet ever-changing needs and reporting requirements

Receive excellent customer service and support

Provide support to reach the homebound, elderly, and underserved communities

Integration with Innoculate Population Waitlist Management (Innoculate WM) solution available to manage vaccine waitlist

Innoculate In Action

City of Corpus Christi

Luminare has partnered with the City of Corpus Christi to deploy Innoculate. The Corpus Christi – Nueces County Public Health District is using our solution to hold a mega COVID-19 vaccine drive through and will also use the solution to manage vaccinations at various sites. See the press release on PR Newswire here.

City of Pearland

Looking for a flexible and HIPAA compliant solution to manage, distribute, and report COVID-19 vaccinations? Hear Joshua Lee’s experience using Innoculate, a COVID-19 vaccine management solution by Luminare, for the City of Pearland.

Kleberg County

Looking for a solution to manage and distribute COVID-19 vaccinations? Hear what Benjamin Gonzalez of Kleberg County had to say about Innoculate, a COVID-19 vaccine management solution by Luminare. 


How does Innoculate help with COVID-19 vaccine distribution? Learn how the solution works in this video.

How will Innoculate help you with your vaccine workflows? See the steps in this solution flowchart. Note: The solution can be customized for each customer’s flow design and can range from a standard inoculation to mass vaccination drive-through clinics. 

Innoculate Vaccine Management Workflow

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