Sagitta featured in EPIC's Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS 2021

The only tool you need for efficient and reliable sepsis workflow optimization for every patient.

No one should die of sepsis.

Sagitta helps hospitals stay vigilant and act fast. By quickly identifying patterns and either preventing sepsis or ensuring timely treatment, you can get your patients home faster.

Customers have reported no preventable sepsis deaths in areas that use our platform. Streamline and optimize your sepsis workflow – Schedule a demo today.

Sagitta Features


  • Treat and discharge patients quickly and appropriately
  • Quickly identify changes in patient status to decrease emergent decompensation
  • Correctly and accurately document risk factors for Sepsis and Severe Sepsis– no patient will slip through the cracks.


  • Fill gaps in your EMR
  • Sagitta works with your EMR and automatically integrates essential patient information. It enhances your systems by allowing rapid entry of patient-specific clinical information from nurse assessment. It also takes the annoying AI tools and EHR alarms and makes them meaningful.


  • Give time back to your nursing team
  • It’s fast, simple, and nurse-driven. Sagitta alerts essential caregivers when the patient needs attention. Save time and energy: No more false alarms!
  • Retain complete control over detection parameters on a per patient basis. We don’t take a one-size fits all approach.


  • Capture revenue for the care you provide
  • It can be tricky to get paid for sepsis cases. Sagitta provides granular data on each patient’s results to ensure you are accurately paid for the care you’re providing. You can expect a decrease in queries and a decrease in penalties for patients tagged incorrectly as septic when they don’t have sepsis.


  • Real time insight into your hospital acuity
  • Spending time with manual data abstraction? Sagitta’s intuitive dashboard visualizes your hospital’s data in real time. With one click, see every sepsis-related metric that is meaningful to you. Ensure team alignment with patient care using a bird’s-eye view of your whole hospital. You don’t have to wait weeks to look at your own data.

HOW Sagitta Works

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Efficient and Reliable Sepsis Detection

How does Sagitta help nurses and clinicians quickly and accurately screen for sepsis? Learn how this sepsis workflow accelerator works.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Fights Sepsis with Sagitta by Luminare

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