WEBINARS & White Papers

What is Luminare? Learn more about our company and products in our educational webinars and white papers on topics such as sepsis process improvement, COVID-19 screening solutions, and vaccine distribution workflows.

[White Paper] Howard Memorial Sepsis Outcomes Using Sagitta

See how Howard Memorial used Sagitta to increase their sepsis alert compliance by 553% and decrease laborious manual processes.

[Webinar] The Real Problem with Sepsis Management

Learn how clinical observations and workflow at bedside along with EHR data produces better patient outcomes through 3 real-life case studies.

[Webinar] Optimizing the Velocity & Volume of COVID Vaccinations

Learn about the challenges faced and solutions deployed while managing everything from waitlists to scheduling, documenting to reporting, and finally 2nd dose to boosters.

[White Paper] Innoculate by Luminare – The Streamlined Solution for COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution

Learn how Innoculate can streamline the vaccination process for medical, government, or organizations tasked with distributing, administering, and tracking the vaccine for COVID-19.

[Webinar] Sepsis Process Improvement in the COVID Era

Learn how to improve processes for identifying and treating patients for sepsis in our on-demand webinar.

[Webinar] Keep Your Manufacturing Plant Safe and Productive with Quickscreen

Learn how Luminare and Hamilton Health Box increased productivity at Martin Preferred Foods while improving safety in this webinar.

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