Sagitta featured in EPIC's Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS 2021


Sagitta at HIMSS 2021 Press Release

By: Natalie Cheng

Luminare Releases New Version of Sepsis Alert and Workflow Management Tool at HIMSS

HOUSTON, TX Jun. 22, 2021 —Luminare is excited to announce the newest version of its sepsis management tool, Sagitta 3.0, premiering at this year’s HIMSS Conference running from August 9-13, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sagitta has helped various hospitals increase their compliance to sepsis alerts by over five times their baseline and is used by nurses at bedside to decrease laborious manual processes associated with sepsis screening and treatment and works closely with EHR and other alarm systems.

Sagitta helps hospitals stay proactively vigilant and helps clinicians quickly identify if a patient is at a risk for developing severe sepsis. By speeding up the sepsis identification process, Sagitta speeds up the time to treatment. In addition, Sagitta is configured with the individual customer hospital’s sepsis protocol. Some of the ancillary benefits seen are an increase in Case Mix Index due to improvement in Clinical Documentation and DRG capture accuracy.

With the new version, Sagitta is significantly more interoperable with both EHR, medical devices, and other systems and can leverage natural language processing (NLP) based engine “Leonardo” that has been developed by Luminare. Leonardo reads clinical documentation and imaging to increase the amount of data that can be used as a clue for sepsis detection to make the nurse’s workload lighter. It eliminates the need to comb through the chart to piece together a patient’s clinical picture.

“Sagitta 3.0 is poised to help nurses stop the sepsis epidemic at bedside through efficient screening and workflow automation. We are also leveraging the immense learnings we have accumulated on the technical side while helping over 1,000,000 people during the pandemic. Stop sepsis – this is our mandate and Sagitta 3.0 is the latest in sepsis software that will help our current and future partner hospitals.” – Dr. Sarma Velamuri, M.D., CEO of Luminare

Dr. Velamuri will also be presenting a webinar with Sepsis Alliance on July 20, 2021 – details can be found on the Sepsis Alliance website.

For those attending the HIMSS conference, please visit our kiosk and interoperability showcase booth: C200-11 and C200-131 to learn more about Sagitta and our interoperable healthcare solutions.

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About Luminare: Luminare’s mission is to stop unnecessary human suffering and death through converting data that is invisible and unusable into meaningful information that accelerates workflow. Luminare is a partner of the Texas Medical Center’s Center for Innovation, TMCX+ and has numerous applications to their proprietary, patented workflow management system that has been used for over a million people. To learn more about Luminare, please visit

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