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Case Study: Robinson Engineering Prevents COVID-19 Spread with Quickscreen by Luminare

By: Natalie Cheng

Keeping a business running smoothly is a tough job. When the pandemic hit, Robinson Engineering faced the challenge of figuring out how to keep their employees safe. Since many of the employees work in the field on municipal projects like highway and bridge construction and interface with multiple companies, the company needed a solution to ensure that their employees were actively preventing the spread of COVID-19. Robinson had previously tried a paper tracking system, but it was taking hours of manual tracking for HR employees, was inefficient in finding and preventing potential sick employees from entering the job site each morning, and created a risk of having to secure PHI related data.

Robinson implemented Quickscreen by Luminare, a HIPAA and ADA compliant syndromic surveillance tool developed by a Houston physician, alongside its digital time tracking system that employees are required to sign into each morning. Soon after implementation, one employee flagged high risk because of a few factors; they had traveled to Arizona, been exposed to others who eventually tested positive for COVID and weren’t feeling well that day. They quickly quarantined the employee, who eventually tested positive for COVID and spent three weeks on sick leave. That one person would have exposed hundreds of other crew members on the project they were assigned.

“We first rolled out Quickscreen at Geocon, our sister company, and then to our Robinson offices. The rollout was seamless. Quickscreen is such an easy tool. When we told people how long it would take to use the tool, we said it’s going to take maybe 10 seconds if that. It’s quick and automatic. We had several red screens that had to quarantine and get tested and they always turned out to be positive. We’ve saved so many hours each day using Quickscreen.” -Denise St. Pierre, Director of Organizational Development

In another case, a job site was shut down because of multiple red flags that also prevented hundreds from getting sick. Robinson credited Quickscreen for preventing the spread of COVID-19 to employees and minimizing risk and negative project impact.

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Quickscreen by Luminare COVID-19 Screening Solution Demo