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Case Study: Erath Excels Academy Keeps District Safe with Quickscreen by Luminare

By: Natalie Cheng

Like many school districts, the staff at Erath Excels Academy was inundated with things to do after the pandemic hit. The district needed to find a solution quickly that would be effective in keeping the campuses of Huston Academy and Coastal Horizons safe from COVID-19. Erath initially considered putting a person at the door to ask questions and then recording on paper, but knew it would take up a lot of time and effort to manage the process while meeting HIPAA compliance.

Erath Excels Academy found Quickscreen by Luminare to quickly and effectively screen staff and students for COVID-19 on all campuses. The charter district chose Quickscreen because they felt that it was something that would help the school document and prove that they had implemented a system to keep the students and staff safe. In addition, the district liked having the flexibility to customize questions that were specific to the campuses. The tool has helped the district screen anyone going to the school including visitors, staff, and students, which has helped limit exposure.

Each morning, a message is automatically sent out to remind parents, students, and staff to screen before arriving at school. The district won’t let students into the building until they’ve checked in. It only takes 5 seconds per student with this new tool versus 2-3 minutes if the tool was not in place.

“In the first 4 days of school, we had four Red Screens: one of which resulted in a Dr.-confirmed positive COVID-19 result. The others allowed us to have communication with the parents to determine the circumstances regarding the Red Screen prior to permitting the student access to the campus. I am convinced that this tool has already kept our campus safe from probable exposure to the COVID-19 virus.” -Mike Scott, Superintendent

The tool’s “animal of the day” feature was also popular amongst the Erath Excels Academy community. With the feature, administrators were able to easily figure out if a student or staff member had screened for COVID that day by asking them what the animal of the day was. Quickscreen has helped Erath become more efficient in screening and has provided the district with great documentation on how they have kept the building and people safe while being HIPAA compliant.

Want to learn more about how Erath Excels Academy and other school districts kept their schools safe during the pandemic? Reach out to us for a free demo of Quickscreen by Luminare.

Quickscreen by Luminare COVID-19 Screening Solution Demo