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Dallas County Achieves Milestone: 500K COVID-19 Shots Administered

Dallas County Achieves Milestone: 500K COVID-19 Shots Administered  By: James Hearn, Jim Cunningham August 30th 2021 Dallas County’s Fair Park Vaccination site recently achieved a major milestone by administering over 500,000 shots. With this achievement, the Fair Park Vaccination site has solidified its place as one of the largest distributors of the COVID-19 vaccine in the United […]

Case Study: MedStar Brings COVID-19 Vaccines to Underserved with Innoculate by Luminare

MedStar Brings COVID-19 Vaccines to Underserved with Innoculate by Luminare  By: Natalie Cheng May 25th 2021 When the pandemic hit, MedStar Mobile Healthcare was affected in a couple different areas. As an administrative governmental agency that provides emergency and non-emergency ambulances as well as world class mobile healthcare, MedStar has helped people across the state of Texas in COVID response. The agency had to deal […]

How to Bridge the Health Equity Gap with Interoperability, Governance, and Technology

How to Bridge the Health Equity Gap with Interoperability, Governance, and Technology  By: Natalie Cheng May 17th 2021 Uncovered. Brought to light. The pandemic has done just this to a variety of issues ranging from racial injustice to the health equity gap. Issues that have existed for centuries are being brought to the forefront and put under the national […]

3 Challenges Healthcare Organizations Are Facing with the COVID Vaccine Rollout

3 Challenges Healthcare Organizations Are Facing with the COVID Vaccine Rollout  By: Natalie Cheng Apr 6th 2021 As if the healthcare industry hasn’t already been dealt enough stress, they are now facing several challenges in administering vaccines. Here are 3 challenges that healthcare organizations are currently facing with the COVID vaccine rollout: 1. Inconsistent Vaccine Availability Even […]

Population Health Management – Dealing with Vaccine Waitlists and Ensuring that Everyone Gets Vaccinated

Population Health Management – Dealing with Vaccine Waitlists and Ensuring that Everyone Gets Vaccinated  By: Natalie Cheng Mar 25th 2021 Signing up for a vaccine should be a simple process. However, people are struggling to find and sign up for COVID vaccines. This is due to a variety of factors including low or inconsistent vaccine supply, technological issues […]

Innoculate in Action – A Look at the Vaccine Management Solution in Dallas County

Innoculate in Action – A Look at the Vaccine Management Solution in Dallas County  By: Dr. Sarma Velamuri and Jim Cunningham Mar 18th 2021 Since the announcement of the COVID vaccines, our team has been working diligently with many city and county health departments to ensure that our vaccine management solution, Innoculate, is addressing their needs for rapid vaccine deployment in […]

COVID Vaccines: What about the underserved communities?

COVID Vaccines: What about the underserved communities? By: Natalie Cheng Mar 4th 2021 Where can I get a COVID vaccine? With the still relative scarcity of the vaccine, the hunt for COVID vaccines has picked up steam. Online communities dubbed Vaccine Hunters are popping up across the web. As the COVID vaccine rollout continues across the world, those […]

Five Problems You’ll Face With COVID-19 Vaccine Registrations and a Solution [Part 2]

Five Problems You’ll Face with COVID-19 Vaccine Registrations and a Solution [Part 2] By: Natalie Cheng Jan 29th 2021 In Part 1, we talked about two problems that you’ll face with the COVID-19 vaccine registration process. Here are three more problems you’ll face and a solution:  3) Late Arrival of Vaccines Another problem that many have encountered is […]