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Innoculate in Action – A Look at the Vaccine Management Solution in Dallas County 

By: Dr. Sarma Velamuri and Jim Cunningham

Since the announcement of the COVID vaccines, our team has been working diligently with many city and county health departments to ensure that our vaccine management solution, Innoculate, is addressing their needs for rapid vaccine deployment in a fair and equitable manner. One such public health department that we have partnered with is Dallas County Health and Human Services in Dallas, Texas. Since early January, our team has been working with Judge Clay Jenkins, Dr. Philip Huang and too many Dallas County departments to mention, to ensure that our software supports the mission of the County and meets the needs of the community. 

As an indication of the importance of this mission, on March 12, 2021, the Secretary of the Army along with various government and health officials, including Mayor Eric Johnson of the City of Dallas, recently visited the Dallas County Fair Park vaccination facility to view our progress to date.

Secretary of Army with government officials and Mayor of City of Dallas

After a tour of the facilities, the team gathered in the Department of Defense command post trailer. As you can see from the picture above, the Innoculate Statistics Dashboard is proudly displayed on a 55” monitor reporting real-time patient check-ins, average wait times and vaccinations by hour. The Statistics Dashboard, a recent innovation by the Luminare Development team, has quickly become an indispensable tool that is used to help guide many operational decisions.   

Overall, the Fair Park operations in Dallas County has quickly grown in size and, in many ways, is almost like a small villageWhile the photograph below was taken in the early morning before all lanes were open, it should provide you with the visual evidence of the operation’s scale. Currently, Dallas County has 18 drive thru lanes plus a dedicated bus lane. The County also provides all the services necessary to support an operation of this size including law enforcement, vehicle breakdown assistance, emergency medical services, food services and various temporary buildings for information technology, safety assurance, dining and for preparing the vaccine.

Vaccine Site - Fair Park Dallas County 

Operationally there are approximately 150 Department of Defense soldiers administering Pfizer every day in lanes 1-9 and an extra wide bus lane. Lanes 10-13 are generally staffed by FEMA employees who administer either the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine, depending on availability. The remaining lanes are staffed by citizen volunteers from Dallas and pharmacists from local Kroger supermarkets in which they also administer both the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Dallas County utilizes between 300-400 volunteers a day across two shifts for recording the vaccination, registering people on site, directing traffic, sorting the incoming cars into the correct lanes and administering the shotTo support these processes, we are currently utilizing over 400 iPads dedicated specifically to registering and screening vaccine recipients and recording the vaccination for automatic transmission to ImmTrac2. To date, our current records are 1,184 vaccinations in a single hour and a total of 9,303 vaccinations in a single day, both achieved on March 5th 

To further demonstrate the scale of this operation, below is a photograph of the incoming line of vehicles leading to the 18-lane tent on a street that stretches nearly one mile. As vehicles enter the park, they are sorted into lanes based on vaccine manufacturer and dose number. Another recent innovation by Luminare Development are color QR codes that make the sorting process efficient and ensures accuracy while reducing wait time. 

Fair Park - Vaccine-Dallas-cars

As you can see, the Fair Park operations at Dallas County habecome quite massive, very quickly, and based on demand is expected to continue into mid-summer. Our near-term goal is to begin vaccinating 11,000-12,000 people a day on a consistent basis, dependent on vaccine supply, with less than a 30-minute wait.

Over the last two months, as Dallas County has vaccinated nearly 150,000 citizens, our softwareInnoculate, has been extremely reliable with zero downtime and our customer support relentless in support of this operation. This is a tremendous achievement, and we are extremely proud of our critical role in this process. Thank you, Dallas County, for partnering with us on this initiative for managing and distributing COVID-19 vaccines to your community!

If you would like to learn more about our vaccine management solution or need help in managing your vaccine distribution, please reach out to us. We would love to help.  

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