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Case Study: Martin Preferred Foods Keeps Plant Safe with Quickscreen by Luminare and Hamilton Health Box

By: Natalie Cheng

The pandemic has greatly affected food production plants and has caused numerous shutdowns. Several food and beverage manufacturers were forced to halt operations as COVID-19 spread among their employees and communities. Companies had to scramble to keep up with consumer demand as restaurants started opening back up. Martin Preferred Foods needed a solution to reopen the food manufacturing plant and ramp up production safely in a short amount of time.

Because paper questionnaires weren’t effective and added unnecessary risk, Martin Preferred Foods worked with Hamilton Health Box (HHB) and Luminare to deploy a COVID-19 screening tool that would integrate with onsite direct primary care microclinics for testing and consultations with a physician. Since many employees spoke mostly Spanish and Swahili, Luminare’s multi-lingual capabilities were key to making it accessible to the full manufacturing plant population. Quickscreen was deployed in just a few days and has had a major positive impact in protecting employees and keeping Martin at full production.

“Quickscreen by Luminare is a standout product for its ease of use, ease of implementation, and customization. The team stands out for the professionalism with which they interact with the client.” – Adrian Trömel, VP

The key to success was the proactive approach that Martin Preferred Foods implemented with Quickscreen and HHB to make the workplace safer. HHB was able to measure an 83% lower number of cases using this combined approach as compared to employers that were taking a reactive approach to addressing COVID. Quickscreen helped keep people aware of the symptoms so if they had any, they wouldn’t even think about coming into the workplace and instead would stay home or go straight to the HHB clinic. The manufacturing plant remained a safe place to work and has stayed open since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Quickscreen by Luminare COVID-19 Screening Solution Demo