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Case Study: First Baptist Academy School Prevents COVID-19 Spread with Quickscreen by Luminare

By: Natalie Cheng

When the pandemic hit, school administrators and nurses had to figure out how to continue teaching in a safe way that would protect the school and community from COVID-19, a deadly infectious disease. In terms of learning, the school understood that some in-person learning couldn’t be replicated in the virtual environment and offered in-person classes also. First Baptist Academy realized that doing all checks for COVID-19 on site potentially introduced unnecessary risk to the school community. So what did they do?

Quickscreen to the Rescue!

First Baptist Academy implemented Quickscreen by Luminare, a COVID-19 student and employee health management system to help schools and businesses open safely. The tool replaced the in-person COVID checks that students, parents, and faculty would take at school. Quickscreen allowed students, parents, and faculty to screen themselves for COVID-19 at home, which helped reduce the risk of spread. Visitors also had to screen themselves as well by scanning a QR code at the school’s entrance.

The Luminare Team customized the languages and questions for First Baptist in order to fit the school’s environment better. Because of its ease of use everyone embraced the new tool. First Baptist was able to catch students who had symptoms of an elevated risk of COVID-19 before they came to school, reducing the spread of COVID.

Parents are proactively engaged via Quickscreen and the school has been able to work through what a student needs to do ahead of time when a student screens “Red” (elevated risk of COVID-19).

“We like Quickscreen because it builds accountability with the parent regarding their student’s health. Additionally, the screening sets a high bar for kids to be on campus and help protect the overall health of our school community. Our parents and employees have stated the test is easy to use and appreciate it only takes 5-10 seconds to complete.” -Teresa Chambers, Head of School

First Baptist Academy was able to implement a COVID-19 screening tool that is HIPAA and ADA compliant and also follows CDC and OSHA guidelines, allowing the school to mitigate risk and have documentation that they’ve adequately protected the school and community.

Want to learn more about how First Baptist Academy prevented COVID-19 spread at their school? Reach out to us to learn more and to see a free demo of Quickscreen.

Quickscreen by Luminare COVID-19 Screening Solution Demo