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Case Study: Lone Star Citrus prevents COVID-19 spread with Quickscreen by Luminare

By: Natalie Cheng

When the pandemic hit, Lone Star Citrus, a vertically integrated grower, packer, marketer, and shipper of Texas red grapefruit and oranges, started searching for a solution to help protect their employees. When the U.S. Department of Labor issued the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) regulations, Lone Star Citrus knew that they had to find a solution quickly that could be implemented to their large workforce to meet compliance regulations.

Lone Star Citrus selected Quickscreen by Luminare as the solution to have employees (full-time and seasonal) screen daily with the goal of keeping employees safe and the business operational. The company chose the tool because Luminare is a physician-led company and created one of the first COVID-19 screening tools. Quickscreen’s robust data model allowed Luminare to rapidly configure the solution to meet Lone Star’s needs for a complex and seasonal workforce and to ensure similar pre-screening compliance with their vendors and partners. Quickscreen only took a couple of days to set up, and Lone Star Citrus was able to train staff on the system and other new safety rules according to schedule.

Quickscreen made it seamless for the company to ensure that employees across the Rio Grande Valley region screened daily for COVID symptoms without requiring an army of people. Employees could self-certify on their cell phones or computers before leaving home. Upon entering a worksite, staff confirmed employees were Green Bar Certified and implemented additional high-level safety protocols including assembling a COVID response team, taking temperature checks, increasing ventilation, and installing plexiglass.

“We are very impressed with Quickscreen. We had an instance where an employee screened red, but their PCR swab showed negative. My safety team was suspicious of a false negative and kept the employee isolated when he returned. Sure enough, his wife received positive results 4 hours after he returned to work. When we sent him for another test, his results came back positive so the system was more accurate than the swab. Because of Quickscreen, we made the right call and prevented possible spread.” -April Flowers, Marketing Director

Because Quickscreen was updated with all CDC recommended screening changes, Lone Star Citrus was able to keep up with the growing list of COVID symptoms and prevent outbreaks from occurring. Quickscreen has enabled Lone Star Citrus to run their operations efficiently and safely.

Want to learn more about how Lone Star Citrus and other businesses have prevented the spread of COVID-19? Reach out to us and we’ll schedule a free demo of Quickscreen.

Quickscreen by Luminare COVID-19 Screening Solution Demo