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Case Study: How River Road ISD Reduced the COVID-19 Workload on Their Nursing Staff

By: Natalie Cheng

Managing school staff and running a school is already challenging enough – now add in a pandemic! Like most schools and school districts, River Road Independent School District evaluated processes and tools to manually screen staff versus electronic options to:

  • Create a safe and effective process for screening staff daily according to CDC guidelines
  • Enable effective communication with staff, reducing the burden of phone calls to the school nurses
  • Ensure all staff are checking daily for signs and symptoms of COVID-19

After unsuccessfully trying out Google Forms, River Road Independent School District decided to select Quickscreen by Luminare, a Texas Education Agency (TEA)-approved solution for COVID-19 student and employee health management. The school district chose Quickscreen because they liked that it was user-friendly, reports on those who have not screened, provides clear instructions to any staff member screening Red, and is easily and quickly deployed.

River Road ISD implemented Quickscreen and instituted an employee screening policy. Everyone had to screen before entering any building. The district was also able to identify and ensure that everyone screened by viewing the secure administrative dashboard. Principals across their campuses were given access to the administrative dashboard and were able to follow up with employees that didn’t screen.

“It’s so easy to use. It’s my responsibility to make sure people have screened and it takes the staff less than 10 seconds to complete Quickscreen. It makes us more accountable, it’s easily accessible, and the information is right there at my fingertips (while being HIPAA compliant).” -Kim Franks, R.N., District Student Services Coordinator

Employees were given clear instructions on what to do if they screened red (elevated risk of COVID-19), providing them with necessary information and allowing the nurses time to reach out to the at-risk staff after the morning rush. The improved communication reduced the morning inbound calls and reduced frustration with both the staff and nurses. The school district was also able to overcome technological challenges by repurposing Chromebooks for the staff that didn’t have a personal computer or phone to access the Quickscreen website, resulting in a very high compliance rate for staff daily screening. The staff now spends 5-10 seconds each morning screening and River Road can confidently know that all staff members on the campuses have been Green Bar CertifiedTM.

Want to learn more about how school districts have prevented the spread of COVID-19 with Quickscreen? Reach out to us and we’ll schedule a free demo of Quickscreen with you.

Quickscreen by Luminare COVID-19 Screening Solution Demo